Chinese Massage in Prague

chinese_massageChinesse massage has nothing common with erotic massage Prague.Chinese massage Prague uses acupressure. Acupressure is operating by a pressure (most oftenly by masseuse or masseurs fingers) to acupressure points.

Acupressure points, or else meridians, are formed by energy tracks. In those tracks there flows our life energy.Once meridians are pressed, a hormon of happiness called endorphin is produced. In addition, endorphin absorbs a pain.Thanks to a Chinese massage Prague a massaged part of a body is being fullfilled by a blood, which is then better oxidized. All of this leads to a relaxation of massaged muscles and to a better carrying away of a harmful substances from your body. That´s why you feel relaxed and full of energy after a Chinese massage. Chinese massage Prague helps you to strengthen your immune system as well.

Chinese massage is appropriate not only as a health prevention, but even in cases that some difficulties already occured. If your head is in pain, your back are blocked, you have a bad blood pressure or your muscles are strained, a Chinese massage is great remedy for reducing or removing those difficulties. But if you have no health difficulties and you prefer sexual arousal to the health effect, try to use a service of erotic massage Prague.

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