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Get an erotic massage in Prague — Best erotic massage services
We provide the most seductive erotic massages in Prague.Our team works hard to train the hottest masseuse to provide a never before experience to our customers. The Prague erotic massage services are the most renowned services in the area. Our team has listed the highly trained erotic masseuses that will give you relaxing massages. Moreover, you can choose the type of massage you want from Nuru massage, yoni massage, aqua massage, lingam massage, body to body massage and other massages.

Welcome to Ilandra Erotic Massage Prague

Welcome to Ilandra Erotic Massage Prague, where we specialize in providing the ultimate Erotic massage Prague has to offer. Since 2008 we have taken pride in making sure that we provide our valued VIP clients with the most beautiful well-trained massage girls available for luxurious sensual massage in central Prague. All Girls have mastered the art of body to body massage after receiving specialist training at the internationally acclaimed Training Academy.You can either visit our ladies for at one of our many erotic massage Prague locations or organize an outcall visit to your Prague hotel or private.

Enjoy amazing erotic massages in complete privacy

The masseuse will take you to privacy. Make sure to have enough time to achieve the most seductive pleasure experiences. The room will have light music and scented candles with dim lights to set up a good environment. The masseuse will then start the procedure of the massage and provide you with a satisfying sensual experience. The Prague erotic massages are the best you can get in the area. We have the best girls to do the job for you. 

What are the benefits of erotic massages?

Erotic massages help you achieve full-body orgasm by a combination of sound, breath, and movement

Sensual massages enhance the experience of intimacy

You can perform erotic massages with your partners to build strong connections
Erotic massages help improve the stamina in males
Sexual massages can bring passion to your sexual life

What are the different types of erotic massages?

We have listed some of the most loved messages below. Every massage offers a unique type of pleasurable experience.
Top 5 erotic massages:
Body to Body massage
Being one of the most erotic massages, body to body massage is a common interest of people from every part of the world. This sensual massage in Prague starts with the masseuse taking off her clothes. Oil is then applied to the body of the customer and masseuse herself. This oil is preferred to be a natural oil with no foul smell. The scent of the oil can play an important role in driving you to multiple orgasms. In the massage, the oiled bodies rub against each other making it extremely erotic and sensual. The massage is also known with the name of Nuru massage.
Yoni massage:
The vagina is the most sensual part of a woman’s body. The yoni massage in Prague honours the vagina by stimulating great sensations. To enjoy the maximum sensations and full effect of yoni massage, you need to stay relaxed. The erotic yoni massage can remake healthy connections among the partners and is beneficial for healthy sex life.
Aqua massage:
As the name suggests, erotic aqua massage takes place underwater. It helps in relieving stress and pain with the flow of water like a shower. The giver rubs the soap on their hands and applies it on the body of the receiver to relax and clean them. The way it happens is very erotic and it feels sensual. Aqua massage can be further followed by other erotic massages to provide ultimate orgasms.
Lingam massage:
For a man’s body, lingam massage is the biggest desire. The thought of hot seductive lady touching the penis and massaging it is itself pleasurable for many men. The penis is known as the wand of light in a boy’s body. A good sensual massage can clear heavy stress and reduce tensions and mental pressure. The lingam massage is given to respect that it deserves. Prague Lingam massage is not only about a genital massage. The masseuse or your partner must take men to orgasms but stop right before they show chances of ejaculation. The best effect of massage turns out when you make it last long and end up getting intimate if you desire.
Prostate massage Prague:
Prostate massage stimulates men in a different way through prostate glands. The prostate is the most sacred and emotional spot in men. So, when you massage your partner’s holy spot during an erotic prostate massage in Prague, it releases the psychological and physical stress of men. This massage starts with foreplay, a gentle touch, oiling and massage that might lead up to having sex. The massage has a great output on men’s sexual health and men that are massage perform better in sex acts. Moreover, it adds charm to a relationship by exploring your body is a true state.

We offer:

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